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Just after the dawn of the Twentieth Century, two prominent Wichita, Kansas trial lawyers, Judge David M. Dale (1852-1920) and Colonel Samuel B. Amidon (1863-1925), established a law partnership in the Bitting Building on east Douglas. While managing their successful law practice, these pioneer lawyers and close friends also distinguished themselves as good citizens. Both were active in local, state and national politics and in numerous civic projects.

Colonel Amidon, a dynamic, nationally known civil and criminal trial lawyer, enjoyed a reputation for his courtroom demeanor, energetic pursuit of client interests and masterful presentation of a case through eloquent argument. Judges, attorneys and the heads of large corporations referred to him as the greatest attorney in the Midwest. Also, the community recognized Amidon for his extensive humanitarian interests and wide-ranging business pursuits. A street and bridge in west Wichita both bear the name of this celebrated lawyer.

Judge Dale possessed a skill for efficient handling of cases, and his courteous treatment of everyone with whom he came in contact distinguished his practice. Throughout his career Judge Dale supported and encouraged young men and women interested in entering the legal field. He eventually joined the examination board for lawyers seeking admission to the bar, and the Kansas Supreme Court later appointed him as chairman of that board.

In the decades following the death of Samuel B. Amidon, the firm continued to grow in size and expertise under the guidance of a number of attorneys distinguished for their expertise in the fields of litigation, business law, real estate, estate planning, probate, and many other areas of the law.